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Cosmetic surgery (or aesthetic surgery) aims to enhance the form and function of any body part in the absence of a disease or condition. We are all different and I aim to provide results that are bespoke to the individual and look as natural as possible so that patients appear refreshed rather than altered. Cosmetic surgery has many overlaps with reconstructive surgery and the range of cosmetic surgery available is extremely broad. The majority of cosmetic surgery includes Facial rejuvenation, Rhinoplasty and facial augmentation surgery, Cosmetic breast surgery and Body contouring surgery

Plastic surgery encompasses a wide range of treatments for numerous conditions, typically arising from cancer, birth defects or traumatic injuries. Whilst many of the techniques I specialise in are applicable to birth defects and post-traumatic injury, my specialist interests lie in the field of cancer treatment and post cancer reconstruction.

Within my NHS role I have a specialist interest in the treatment of all skin cancers, and in particular those affecting the face. In cases where treatment of cancer is best achieved by surgical removal, this often leaves a defect which needs to be healed in the best way possible. Facial skin cancer work includes a huge array of techniques to which plastic surgery is ideally suited. The goal of all this work, if possible, is that a number of months after surgery is complete, a stranger would not know anything had taken place.

Reconstruction of the nose is a particular challenge in this domain and I am proud to offer world class treatment in these areas. My clinical experience with leading surgeons in other countries has been inspirational in the field of nasal reconstruction and contributed to my understanding of this critical element of facial appearance.

Whilst I do not carry out post-breast cancer mastectomy reconstruction, I offer a range of other surgical solutions for conditions of the breast and abdominal wall. I have significant experience in secondary repair of abdominal ventral hernias in the setting of previous abdominal wall damage due to pregnancy or surgery. A range of techniques ranging from simple to the complex are used; all such cases are assessed on an individual basis.