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Sketch of breasts
Rebecca – Breast reduction surgery
Rebecca, aged 48, was a keen sportswoman who came to see Mr Gore to discuss reduction of her heavy breasts.
Midriff sketch
Shelley – Abdominoplasty
Shelley, 38, was a mother of three young children and an enthusiastic gym athlete who disliked her abdominal bulge.
Sketch of Eyes
Pippa – Blepharoplasty
Pippa, 48, was increasingly finding that her upper eyelids felt excessively heavy and she felt they made her look tired.
Breasts sketch
Lucy – Breast augmentation
Lucy, aged 25, initially came to talk to Mr Gore about breast augmentation surgery following the effects of pregnancy.
Sketch of eyes and nose
Anna – Septorhinoplasty
Anna, aged 28, wished to have her deviated and prominent nose straightened and improved prior to her wedding.
Face sketch
Louise – Rhinoplasty and facial augmentation
After childhood facial surgery, Louise had always felt in adult life that her face was flat and her nose undefined.
Sketch of woman's face, neck and shoulders
Claire – Facelift
Claire, aged 59, underwent facelift surgery 10 years previously and now wanted further improvement in her neck.
Sketch of male face showing nose
Alistair – Nasal reconstruction
Alistair, aged 58, suffered a significant nasal injury in his teens and had a flat (saddle) nose during his adult years.

Midriff sketch
Katrina – abdominal wall reconstruction
Katrina, aged 47, required emergency abdominal surgery on two previous occasions following illness and injury.
Head sketch
Allen – Partial larynx surgery
Allen, a 49 year old businessman, was diagnosed with an early cancer of the vocal chords in his larynx (voice box).
Sketch of breasts
Maria – Capsular contracture
Maria, 46, had undergone breast augmentation over a decade ago and gradually developed discomfort in her breasts.
Sketch of Eyes
Virginia – Eyelid skin cancer
Virginia, 72, had suffered from skin cancers on her face previously and now had a suspicious lesion on her eyelid.
Sketch of eyes and nose
Sarah – Nasal reconstruction
Sarah, aged 53, was diagnosed with a skin cancer on the side of her nose and faced major surgery to treat this.
Nose sketch showing eyes
Deborah – Reconstructive surgery
Deborah, 54, had had a large vascular tumour removed from the centre of her face, overlying her nasal tip and bridge.