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Sarah – Nasal reconstruction

Sarah – Nasal reconstruction

Sarah, aged 53, needed a nose reconstruction after cancer.

Sarah was diagnosed with a skin cancer on the side of her nose and faced major surgery to treat this. She underwent curative specialised Mohs surgery by the dermatology team but was unfortunately left with the loss of the lower part of one half of her nose. Mr. Gore discussed the reconstructive options available in detail, their compromises and potential benefits.

Sarah was very keen to have the best nasal reconstruction possible and so underwent a forehead flap multi-stage sequence of operations, separately reconstructing her nasal lining, cartilage support and external lining. As a result, Sarah has achieved good nasal symmetry maintaining her ability to breathe well.

Twelve months following her surgery, it is difficult to see any scars on her nose and the region where tissue was taken from her forehead has settled to a point where it is difficult to see any scarring with her normal hairstyle. Sarah’s story is a powerful description of how contemporary nasal reconstruction can normalise facial appearance from a starting point of tumour surgery which can otherwise be so disfiguring.