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Functional & cosmetic torso surgery

Functional & cosmetic torso surgery

Body Contouring and Abdominoplasty

Body contouring surgery (also known as a tummy tuck) is typically requested after pregnancy, significant weight loss, or both. Abdominoplasty surgery is common and typically gives very high levels of patient satisfaction. This can enable affected women to wear the clothing, swimwear and underwear of their choice without functional restriction and without embarrassment in intimate situations. Mr Gore offers full and mini abdominoplasty.

Abdominal Herniation and Tummy Tucks after Pregnancy

It is common after pregnancy (especially after larger or multiple pregnancies) for a degree of muscle separation to be a consequence. This can range from mild to severe with a degree of abdominal herniation resulting not uncommonly. This muscle separation can be comprehensively treated within an abdominoplasty procedure to improve muscle layer repositioning and enhance the definition of the waist. If combined with liposuction this can give transformative effects for a woman’s body self-confidence.

Extended Abdominoplasty and Bodylifts

More extensive operations such as extended abdominoplasty, lower bodylift or upper bodylift are available for those who have more pronounced problems. This includes those seeking body contouring surgery after significant weight loss from diet or bariatric surgery. These operations give powerful correction of body contour problems with scars that are typically well hidden by suitable underwear. Careful post-operative management is required to ensure smooth tissue healing and I am particular about the choice and use of post-surgery compression garments for a number of weeks after these operations.

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