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Facial & nasal reconstruction

Facial & nasal reconstruction

Facial and Nasal Reconstruction in relation to Cancer Treatment

Surgical treatment for skin cancers of the face may require resection of vital tissue that has significant functional and aesthetic consequences. Obvious examples include the eyelids, cheek, nose and lips. Reconstruction of these challenging areas is delicate and may require a range of techniques, sometimes undertaken in more than one stage.

Nasal Reconstruction

Whilst my practice encompasses all of these, I have a particular international-level interest in nasal reconstruction and am proud to collaborate with the world’s best surgeons in this regard in Europe and North America. All decisions relating to such reconstruction are very bespoke and there is an innumerable number of options available for any given patient with any given condition. In some cases, surgical treatment should be shared with my dermatology colleagues and I am very happy to advise about the suitability of this in every case.

Multistage Flap Reconstruction

Complex nasal reconstruction involving multistage flap reconstruction is a particular speciality of mine. As a central defining feature of the face, the nose is of paramount importance in facial appearance and disruption of the nose through cancer removal, traumatic injury or congenital conditions can often give rise to situations resulting in nasal defects, deficiency, asymmetry or inadequacy. The use of combining flaps and grafts to reconstruct lining, structural support and skin cover of the nose can lead to a situation where from what seemed like an irretrievably difficult starting point, a result may be produced whereby the casual onlooker cannot notice as if surgery has taken place. Such is the power of reconstructive surgery when applied at its highest levels. I would be happy to discuss with you the details of your case and put this in context to the series of cases I have reconstructed previously.

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Facial and Nasal Reconstruction Case Studies