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Rebecca – Breast reduction surgery

Rebecca – Breast reduction surgery

Rebecca, aged 48, was a keen sportswoman who came to see Mr Gore to discuss breast reduction surgery. Whilst a routine breast reduction would have been chosen by many surgeons as appropriate treatment, it was clear that Rebecca wished for a more rejuvenating approach in terms of the distribution of her breast volume and shape.

For that reason, Mr Gore undertook a combination breast lift and reduction using specialised reconstructive techniques to achieve a better aesthetic outcome. Rebecca is delighted with the outcome of her surgery and two years after her operation she has maintained a stable, youthful breast appearance more befitting of her athletic body.

With innocuous scars and normal nipple sensation, Rebecca feels this has given her a new lease of life with regards to clothing, swimming and sport; she has since received numerous compliments commenting on how well she looks and how much weight she appears to have lost.

This transformative surgery has helped Rebecca’s self-image enormously and it is a pleasure to have helped her make choices that have resulted in such a dramatic quality of life improvement.
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