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Maria – Capsular contracture

Maria  – Capsular contracture

Maria, 46, had undergone breast augmentation over a decade ago and gradually developed discomfort in her breasts. Soon after this procedure she had suffered from capsular contracture where a tight scar layer formed around her implants, in her case deforming and causing discomfort.

Within a year of her original surgery she had undergone implant exchange and capsulotomy but since that time had progressively developed further capsular contracture around her breast implants. She had chosen to not seek further surgery because she had given up hope that anything could be done to help her. At the time of her assessment with Mr Gore her breasts were firm, excessively rounded and not befitting the rest of her breast volume and body shape. Comprehensive revision of these implants and their capsules involved selective removal of the hardened scar layer around the implants and use of new polyurethane-coated implants in a new tissue plane.

These breast implants have the lowest risk of capsular contracture of any implant available and have particular advantages in situations such as this due to the high friction of their surface, minimising the risk of late implant repositioning or rotation.

Maria made a good recovery and has not had any further problem contracture to this point. She is delighted with the improved comfort and shape of her new breasts and can wear swimwear and light summer clothing in a way she could not have done for the last ten years.
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